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attention all cute girls………………….hello
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Yaaaay got my new tattoo, I’m in love! 😍

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there’s always that one fanfiction that deserves to be turned into a movie


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things that make you feel powerful

  • matching lace underwear
  • heels (and the clicking noise they make when you walk and you know you lookin hot)
  • red lipstick
  • perfect coal black eyeliner
  • curled hair
  • freshly done nails
  • cute new clothes
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Send me a stereotype about my country and I will tell you if it applies to me.


For the rebloggers: Make sure to put your country’s name in the tags UvU

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shopping for clothes is only fun when you’re rich and skinny

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new favorite gif

Emma: Not everyone gets to see their parents fall in love, Henry. But.. you’re one.
Regina dips her head and laughs.

#never in my life have i wanted a ship to have stupid domestic bliss more than these idiots#even Myka and HG i always envisioned going on grand adventures#but i just want Emma and Regina doing dishes and bickering over how to fold the laundry#and making Henry’s lunch#and talking about maybe giving Henry a little brother or sister#i want Emma holding Regina’s hand when it turns out Regina can still have children#and Henry and Emma bickering over painting the nursery#and movie nights where Emma and Henry argue over who gets to put their head in Regina’s lap#and she rolls her eyes at both of them#and Emma tucking Henry in and Regina right there with her#and then when they go back to their bedroom Emma stops and takes Regina’s hand#and thanks her so softly for raising Henry#for giving him all the things Emma never had a kid#all the things she WANTED for her son but couldn’t give him#and yeah they’ve both made mistakes along the way#but their son is happy and healthy and he’s a GOOD kid#swan queen#swan mills family#I JUST NEED IT OKAY? (via racethewind10)

The only ship where Henry isn’t passed back and forth between his parents. The only ship where the love would be a choice, instead of a convenience or a contrivance. The only ship where a FAMILY is made instead of torn apart.
The only ship.
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